5 FREE and easy-to-adopt social media wins to catapult your social campaign.

Making an impact on social media is becoming increasingly more difficult to do. Facebook, in particular is super hard to get noticed on. There’s so much competition on there and so many of them are now willing to pay for advertising to ensure their posts get seen first, it can be really difficult for brands with little or no marketing budget to beat the noise and shout about their company, but it’s not impossible. Here’s a list of my 5 top tips to get you noticed:forty1. Influencer Marketing

Partnering with individuals and brands with influence on social media is a great way of increasing your following and engagement rates. The key is to find someone in your market that has the ability to influence your clients and potential clients, then get in touch and ask them to promote your business.

It works just like celebrity endorsement does, you would give the influencer your products and ask them to do a review on their Youtube channel, tweet about it, post photos etc.

Consumers today trust this type of endorsement just like they would a recommendation from a family member or close friend. It’s much more effective than any type of paid advertising. Just be sure when selecting influencers to partner with, you check out their engagement rates as well as the number of followers they have. A huge following is always good, but only if the followers are legitimate.

Lots of brands (and even celebrities) make the biggest marketing fail now of buying fake followers to make themselves appear bigger and more famous. Not only does this tactic not work, it also can be seriously detrimental to the brand, as engagement levels drop, social networks will stop showing your posts. Looking at the engagement rates of a page is the best way to spot culprits of this – stay away from them and find someone who’s post receive high levels engagement so you know your campaign will get noticed.

  1. Good images

 This tip is for all social media, but in particular Instagram. Instagram is a hugely successful image gallery for brands and individuals to showcase their photos. If you’re a brand on Instagram, you need to ensure your posts stand out, in such a highly competitive environment. Beautiful, unique and creative photography is key.

This simple tactic is the main tactic I have used to catapult my personal Instagram account followers and drive engagement. 6 months ago I had less than 150 followers on Instagram – I now have 8,500 and get 100’s of likes and lots of comments on each image I post.

I started posting photos of recipes that I’d taken with a professional DSLR camera. My account went crazy and just keeps growing in following every day. Good quality photography is imperative.

  1. Live video

Live streaming has recently taken over the social scene. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat all utilize live videos and it’s such a great way of giving your fans and followers an insight into you and your brand. It’s such a good opportunity to show the faces behind the brand and a behind the scenes view of your company. It creates interest, humanizes your brand and consumers LOVE it.

  1. Be interesting

It’s true that social media is an amazing way of promoting your brand, and of course you should do, but how often should you use your accounts to sell? You really need to limit this and be interesting. What (other than your products) are your followers interested in seeing on social media? What do they like, and engage with?

It gets increasingly boring following a brand that only ever posts about their products. There are so many other things you can post about: inspirational quotes, funny videos, ask questions, interesting articles, quizzes, polls – get to know your audience.

If your unsure on what they’d like to see – ask them; show them you care about producing great content that they can engage with.

  1. Engage, respond, be active

Your social media job doesn’t end when you’ve scheduled your weekly posts. You need to be on your accounts every day, engaging with followers and influencers, responding to questions and keeping an eye out on trending hashtags to join in the conversation.

Brands that have social media account and either don’t reply or take too long to reply may as well just delete their accounts all together. It can be extremely detrimental to any brand to adopt this tactic as it will 100% infuriate your followers and push them towards your competitors.

Even if your comments aren’t questions that need replying to – if you can, it’s good practice to reply or at least ‘like’ your positive comments. As your brand grows this will provide a near impossible task to adopt, but if you can’t reply individually to comments, you can post a general message to say thanks.

I hope these quick hints are useful to you. If you have any questions about any of the points in this blog post feel free to comment or email us at: stacey@kiwimedia.co.uk.

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