2017 is starting out to be a real celebration for our social squad at Kiwi Media. We’ve been on Instagram for under one month and without spending a penny on advertising we’ve reached 1000 followers. Yay!!

How do you reach over 1000 Instagram followers in a matter of weeks? Here’s my top 5 tactics:

5 tactics to increase Instagram following

  1. Keep it real

The most important rule to launch and maintain a successful Instagram account is to be real. Define your brand and your core values and ensure what you post on Instagram is in line with who you really are.

Give your followers an insight into who you are and be sure to showcase your personality.

Even if your Instagram account is for your business, it should never just be purely business focussed. Share your personality on there too or your employees. This helps bring brands to life and show a side of the brand that consumers might not know.

  1. Stalk your target audience

So before starting the Kiwi Media Instagram account, one of the first things we did is, strategize. The way to do this is to define your target audience, then simply stalk the hell out of them. What do they post on Instagram, what do they like, what are their hobbies, what trends can you spot? Once you’ve done this, use this information and devise a social media strategy that incorporates what your target audience is interested in.

For Kiwi Media, our target audience is businesses that need help with PR, marketing and social media, so it’s quite a broad audience. We want to provide the audience with what they’re interested in, so part of this is quick tips and advice on all things PR, marketing and social. We also want to showcase our work and show our personality, which involves little behind the scenes or after hour’s posts of what we’re up to.

  1. Embrace analytics

Analytics is amazing – and the best way to find out what your audience wants and who they are.

Using analytics lately for one of my clients, I managed to find out that who they thought we’re their target audience really weren’t. The people that we’re actually engaging most with their content and purchasing from them was a completely different age range to whom they’d been targeting all their ads to. We changed the target for the ads and voilà – sales on their websites increased.

You are also able to establish the types of posts that work for you by using analytics too. If something isn’t working, my general rules is 3 times and you’re out. By this I mean if a type of post doesn’t work the first time, try changing the times or the days this type of post is published the next time and if there’s no improvement in engagement or reach after 3 times, it’s time to cut it. It’s not a big deal at all to do this; trial and error is a huge part of your social strategy.

  1. Say hey

This is absolutely vital!!! Far too many brands publish on social media and think, that’s it, job done. It isn’t. There’s nothing more annoying as a consumer than not getting a response. If someone asks questions or comments on your page – reply. If it’s a negative post, then still reply. I’ll be posting an article on the blog next week about how to handle negative feedback and ways to approach it, but definitely do not ignore.

As well as responding to your followers, if you really want to increase your following then, without a doubt the best way to do it is communicate with potential fans, followers and consumers.

What we did for Kiwi Media (and for our clients) is search for hashtags that potential clients will be using. So, for example, if your business sells baby products online, the types of hashtags to search for are: #mybabygirl #mybabyboy #pregnancy #pregnantbelly #pregnantlife #pregnacystyle

The reason I’ve used a lot of ‘pregnancy’ type hashtags here – is because it’s such an exciting time that new mums and dads love to buy new things in anticipation of their new arrival but also because you’re getting them right at the start of their journey and because once the baby is born, they might not have as much spare time as they do during their pregnancy.

Once you’ve established the right hashtags for your business, then simply comment on their posts. I don’t mean by saying “buy my products’ but by saying something less forceful, it doesn’t even have to relate to your brand, it could just be, ‘this is really sweet’ or ‘ so cute’ or you could just like their image. By doing this your building a relationship with them, they’ll hopefully then come and check out your page and want to follow what you do.

  1. Keep it up

My last tactic, can be a real pain in the butt, but it really needs to be done. I know how difficult it can be when you’re super busy to dedicate the time to social media, but it can’t be forgotten about.

If you start off great, but then get too busy and stop communicating or posting on Instagram, it does reflect badly on your brand, so maybe just think about all the times you’re walking to work or stuck in a waiting room, or the adverts are on TV – use this time to Instagram or get some help with managing it.

December has been a super busy time as Kiwi Media – but we still maintained our Instagram posting schedule and made the time to use analytics, communicate, research and be ourselves. That’s how we got 1000 followers in under a month.

I hope these quick hints are useful to you. If you have any questions about any of the points in this blog post feel free to comment or email us at:

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