Confused about LinkedIn…….

Confused about LinkedIn? Every companies needs are different, some might not even need a LinkedIn at all. We recommend only having the social channels you can manage effectively. Social media takes time, and having 6 different accounts to manage and not managing them effectively is not a good idea – stick to 3 maximum if you’re a small business, with no budget to outsource.

Confused about Linkedin

If you decide that LinkedIn is for you, then Page V Personal profile can be the next decision. You can definitely do more with a personal profile than a company page. Here are some advantages of having a personal profile:

  1. People prefer to deal with ‘real people’ rather than a logo.
  2. Personal pages are proactive – you can connect and contact people, whereas with a company page it’s completely re-active so you can only communicate with people that have contacted you.

SO why bother with a company page? There are still some advantages of having a company page, and you might want to look at having both:

  1. You can run sponsored updates on your company page, and promote your content to targeted audiences.
  2. They are EXTREMELY SEO friendly. If you strategically place keywords on your page, it can really help your company be seen online.

If you’re still confused about LinkedIn and your business’ needs, contact us, we’d be more than happy to provide you with free advice and could even help with set up and management…….

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