FAQ – Cross-posting on social media.

FAQ - cross posting social media

This is another one that has pros and cons. Ideally your content should be tailored for each social network, but we know just how time consuming this can be.

So is cross-posting ok?

Yes – you should publish all of your great content across multiple platforms (not necessarily all of them), but No you shouldn’t publish it in the same way. Let’s look at what some popular social networks are best used for:

Facebook – Be personable, the algorithm Facebook uses prioritises post from users’ friends rather than businesses, so to ensure your posts get seen, you need to encourage engagement. The higher the engagement rate of your post, the more people Facebook show it to.

Twitter – The lifespan of a tweet is so short and so is the character limit. Be concise, but provide the RIGHT information to encourage the user to read, buy click through etc.

Instagram – A platform FULL of beautiful imagery. Choose your best photo’s on here to stand out in the highly competitive photography platform. Give more info about the photo in the description and although you can’t include links in the post description, you can in your bio – so be sure to utilise this.

LinkedIn – Unlike Facebook and Twitter, people on LinkedIn don’t necessarily mind interacting with brands trying to sell them something, and, in many cases, it is one of the reasons they are there in the first place. It’s a business environment so should be used to sell and engage with current and potential customers

Snapchat – The best way to use this as a business, is for behind the scenes content, give your followers an insight into what you/your brand does on a daily basis. Make them feel like they know YOU.

So how can I post the same thing across multiple platforms?

Be creative – you can post the same article on multiple platforms, but think about how you introduce it on each to maximise results and target it specifically for that audience.

E.g. Your business sells, healthy ingredients, and you’ve written a blog post “Top 5 Healthy Mid-Week Meal Recipes”.

Facebook – be personable: ‘OMG the easy lasagne is AMAZING, which of these recipes would you choose? Tag us in your pics if you make any…….’ With a link to the post. It encourages engagement, gives an opinion and asks for feedback, whilst the link tells them the article subject and provides an image.

Twitter – be concise, you need to pull them in with a short description, so maybe: ‘Our Top 5 quick, easy and simple mid-week #healthyrecipes’ with a link to the blog post. It tells the reader everything they need to know and is direct, also, by saying ‘top 5’ in your post, you’re telling the reader the content they’re about to click through to is only short, research shows short articles are much more reader friendly.

Instagram – post an image with one of the recipe and say something like: ‘WOW guys, this actually does taste as good as it looks. It’s so simple to make and is made with our buckwheat pasta. Did you know that one of the many benefits of buckwheat is the high fibre content, which helps improve digestion? You can find the recipe for this bowl of deliciousness on our blog (the link is in the bio).

Snapchat – if you can post a quick snap of you making one of the recipes or better yet film it to show how easy it is.

We hope this helps, but if you’d like any further info or for us to look at a strategy for your social media, do get in touch. You’d be surprised at how much time you’d save and (how inexpensive it can be) to outsource your social media to a professional. We have lots of different packages available to suit any budget. It could be that we just provide you with a strategy for you to implement each month, or we can do it all for you, and work towards a price that fits your budget.

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