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The Brief

After working with 3 different Facebook specialists and being unhappy with the results, our very first international client ‘For Bloggers Only’ asked us to create a strategy for Facebook advertisements and to execute the ad campaign.

What we did:

We did extensive brand research to ensure we fully understood the clients needs and product and to make sure we knew everything there was to know about the brand and their offerings. We then conducted a thorough analysis of the market prior to producing any ads. This includes pulling together a ‘customer profile’, what are their key characteristics, where do they live, what are their hobbies, what Facebook pages do they like…..

Once we we’re happy with the data we’d pulled together we launched our ads to our target audience. We tested several images, with different copy and targeting options to ensure they were optimised to the best they possibly could be.


We reduced the cost of the ads from $1.50 per link click to $0.39. Here’s the evidence:

Facebook Ad OptimisationFacebook Ad Optimisation

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